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Cheap Umrah Package Including Flights + 14 Night/ 15 Days Tour: 7 Night Stay in Makkah and 7 Night Stay in Medina

Tour Itinerary

• English & Hindi Speaking Tour Guide, during the tours.
• Transportation from the airport and back in a private vehicle.

• Total stay during the entire period in the mentioned hotels according to the package.

• Daily buffet meals, thrice a day.




No: of Days

  15 Days

Umrah Days 

Seven Days (Makkah)
Mona Ajyad Hotel

  3 star(600 mtr)

Seven Days(Madina) 
Diyar-al-Bustan Hotel
    3 star (400 mtr)



Children's Policy as applicable based on age:
• Below 2 Years, Rs. 70,001/- Discount
• Between 2 & 5 Years Rs. 30,001/- Discount
• Below 12 Years Rs. 10,001/- Discount

Cancellation Policy:
• On Booking Rs. 99,999/-per person  (cheap umrah packages including flights from india )
• Between 15th, Jun And 29 Days Prior Departure to Hajj, 75% Of The Total Amount of the services, will be refunded.
• Within 30 Days, Prior to Departure or non display of Total Hajj Package Amount that is mentioned is Non-Refundable.

Price Includes

All inclusive costs in the Package consists:
• Return Flight Ticket
• Hajj Visa & Drafts
• Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
• AC Bus is facility provided during 5 Days Of Hajj

Price Excludes

Following exclusive costs in the Package consists:
• Stay at Madina
• Qurbani [Arranged as per requisition]
• Travelling From Mina To Makkah And Back On 10 & 11 Zil Hajj
• Travelling From Muzdalfah To Mina On 10th Zil Hajj

Our Main Attractions

Umrah is the most moving Experience in any Muslims. Umrah is nicely and highly placed at a level of spiritual purity for any Muslim. In Arabic language, ‘Umrah’ means "to visit a populated place”. The five compulsory rituals of Umrah are: ihram, tawaf, salat of tawaf, sa‘I and taqsir. In the case of a lady pilgrim is same as that of a male. However, the validity of her nadhr who binds one’s self in gratitude depends totally on her husband’s consent. The difference is that a lady can use her normal clothing for ihram but she should perform the niyyat and the talbiyya in exactly the same way as the male persons do.

Umrah can be done at point of period of the year, in comparison to Hajj which has a specific time period depending on the lunar month. It is regarded as a very precious occasion and can be performed by any Muslim. Just as a man, it is a part of the Sunnah for a woman to shower before Ihram. There is specific proof that she should take this shower. There are two types of Umrah. The first is Umrah Mufrada and the second one is Umra-e Tamattu’. Both Hajj and Umrah too have their own viewpoint and advantages as well.

As per the traditional Muslim stories, in the year 628AD,the Prophet Muhammad viewed a vision in Medina. According to it while he was performing the occasion of Umrah, then he and his supporters together approach Mecca from Medina. This led to the direct occasion in which everybody met each other and prayed together thus leading to it’s importance.

Cost of Specified Package

15 days (via Flight-(Via Flight-Gulf airways/Fly Dubai/Kuwait airways)) Rs 47,499/- per person
15 days (Including Direct Flight-Saudia Airlines/Air India) Rs 53,999/- per person



The company of epilgrim.in helped me lot when I took the Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca, Hijaz, in Saudi Arabia. beacause I purchase  Cheap umrah packages including flights from india. It was a wonderful and the best event in my life as I found no such companies to be as user-friendly and true as this, though I went for Umrah, many times, as it can be undertaken anytime in a year. This time I purposely opted for a new travelling company so that I could be self-satisfied. By chance by the blessings of Allah, I choose this company and it resulted in, to be fully satisfactory for me.

Md. Imam Abu Hanifah

Through epilgrim.in, when I went for Umrah then as one of their services is accommodation, I was being provided a luxurious one with buffet meals, thus helping me to have a satisfactory Umrah at Makkah. Moreover with the help of the provided tourist guide, the journey was easy and fully charming. Surprisingly, I further decided to proceed to Medina and decided this only as my choice of services for Medina. I would whole throughout my life will be thankful to the organization and its services and would suggest everybody else to opt the same.

Md. Rehmat-ullah

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