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Deluxe 18/20 Days Short Hajj Packages From India 2018

Tour Itinerary

14th/15th Aug, 2018  Travelling To Jeddah by Flight
As the mode of travelling is through flight, So the departure on this day is fixed for it.
14th/16th - 19th Aug, 2018 In MAKKAH - Check In at Khalidiya Or Aziziya (Shared Room 4, 5 & 6)
Once you Check In at the desired location, daily three times meals conisting of Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner will be provided to you.
19th Aug, 2018 Day 1-Start Of Hajj, At Mina Camp (Hajj Journey starts)

On the first day of start to Hajj, you will be accompanied by a tour guide.
20th Aug,2018
Day 2-Proceed To Arafat After Fajr Prayers and further Proceed To Muzdalfah
The second day consists of staying Continues In Arafat And further moving  to Muzdalfah After Azan-E-Maghrib, along  the tour guide.
(No Tents Are Available In Muzdalfah)
21st Aug ,2018 Day 3-Proceed To Mina After Fajr Prayers and Continue  With Hajj (1st Ramee – Arkan) /Jamarat & Qurbani

The third day consists of moving to Mina after the prayers of Fajr and thus accompanied by a tour guide the Hajj continues.
22nd Aug,2018
Day 4-Stay At Mina (2nd Ramee - Arkan) & Tawaf - E - Ziyarat

The fourth day consists of staying at Mina and performing the prayers of Ramee & Tawaf - E - Ziyarat ,at this location
23rd Aug, 2018  Day 5-Stay At Mina (3rd Ramee - Arkan) and  Proceed To Khalidiya or Aziziya Accommodation (After Asr As Per Muallim's Instructions)

On the fifth day of Hajj, the stay at Mina continues as the prayer of  Ramee ends here and then journey to the lodging area is done after the instructions being given as per Asr As Per Muallim.
24th - 27th Aug,2018  Check In at Makkah at Khalidiya Or Aziziya Accommodation (Shared Room 4,5 & 6)

Once you Check In at the return desired location, daily three times meals conisting of Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner will be provided to you as you were provided duing the start.
28th Aug, 2018 Check out from Makkah and Transfer to Jeddah Airport for back flight departure.

The back mode of travelling is also by flight and you need to Check out from the location of your accommodation and avail the flight.


No: of Days

Five or Six Days

Five Days

Hajj Days 
Five Days (Makkah)

      Three, Four or Five Star Hotel (as per location)
Four Days (Medina)

Accommodation in a Deluxe Hotel



Children's Policy as applicable based on age:
• Below 2 Years, Rs. 70,000/- Discount
• Between 2 & 5 Years Rs. 30,000/- Discount
• Below 12 Years Rs. 10,000/- Discount

Cancellation Policy:
• On Booking Rs. 99,999/- Short hajj packages 2018 per person 
• Between 15th, Jun And 30 Days Prior Departure to Hajj, 75% Of The Total Amount of the services, will be refunded.
• Within 30 Days, Prior to Departure or non display of Total Hajj Package Amount that is mentioned is Non-Refundable.

Price Includes

All inclusive costs in the Package consists:
• Return Flight Ticket
• Hajj Visa & Drafts
• Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
• AC Bus facility is provided during 5 Days Of Hajj

Price Excludes

Following exclusive costs in the Package consists:
• Stay at Madina
• Qurbani [Arranged as per requisition]
• Travelling From Mina To Makkah And Back On 10 & 11 Zil Hajj
• Travelling From Muzdalfah To Mina On 10th Zil Hajj

Our Main Attractions

According to the Islamic calendar, on the 8th day of the Dhu’l-Hijjah, which is the twelfth lunar month every year, pilgrims are meant to travel to Hajj. It is the World’s Largest Pilgrimage. It is most powerful and energizing mission where one witnesses Muslims to offer their faith, their submission, their belief in the one and only almighty Allah. Hajj, is also referenced as Hadjdj or Hadj, in Islam. The Holy pilgrimage is a must to the holy city of Makkah, which is a must for every Muslim at least once in his/her lifetime.

The history of the Hajj dates back to 2,000 B.C. when the infant son of the Prophet Abraham named as Ishmael and Ibrahim's wife Hager were trapped in the desert. Following the orders of Allah, Prophet Abraham is said to have built a monument at the site of Kaaba. He is regarded as the Father of the Prophets. Other important effects of Hajj are Scientific and cultural. The effects and signs of prophet of Islam can be seen in any of the places of Mecca and Medina and even at residential stations of Hajj.

In this year Hajj starts from 13th August of the Islamic calendar of 1439. The very primary right of a Hajji is entering into Ihram or Ahram clothing. The main aim of this is to avoid attracting concentration into other vicinity. The clothing of men often consists of two white sheets. They are widespread in look. The attendance and the observance of the great Islamic scientists from all countries consist of great religious scholars, masters of any of the other fields who are attending Hajj every year. They all give a great opportunity to swap knowledge.

Cost of Specified Package

Pentagon Room with King size Bed Rs 4,30,000/-
Courtyard Room with King size Bed Rs 4,49,000/-
Triple Room with King size Bed Rs 4,65,000/-
Double Room with King size Bed Rs  4,90,000/-



We all together, this time opted for this company of epilgrim.in and found it to be the best among all other companies offering this service. I would recommend this company only for all the pilgrims who want to do it as a successful and sacred pilgrimage. It is an ever-servicing company.

Md. Ash-Shakur

I took a (short deluxe hajj packages from india) from this company in Delhi. I was really impressed at the end of my Hajj Journey, offered to me by epilgrim.in. I spent a few days in Makkah and further in Medina.  The package that, I choose, I was granted with all the best specified facilities in it. Relating to the basic necessities of life, while travelling, of food & shelter, I was provided accommodation in a deluxe hotel at Khalidiya and the best food provided to me was delicious. It helped me to regain my energy during the travelling period and also helped me to feel relaxed in a nice room.

Md. Al-Mubdi'

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