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As-Salaam-Waleykum. ePilgrim Is the small unit of aSuja eServ Pvt Ltd.
We are a team of leading, young vibrant and energetic business background, specialized in offering
Hajj and Umrah travelling packages for pilgrims, who are seeking to blessings of Allah and thanking Him
for giving us this life and what we have now. We are here to provide exceptionally comfortable service
to Allah's guests on the Holy Land.

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Packages for Your Holy Journey

We set the platform for the pilgrims apart from other travelling services which allow you to communicate
with us throughout your entire project.


Hajj Packages

Allah commands Ibrahim to invite the world to it. And proclaim to
the people the Hajj [pilgrimage]; they will come to you on foot and on every
lean camel; they will come from every distant pass. That they may witness benefits
for themselves..

    1.   Deluxe 18/20 Days Short Hajj Packages From India 2018
    2.   13/14 Days Private 5 Star Non Shifting Hajj Package 2018
    3.   Deluxe (37/36 Days) Cheapest Hajj Packages From India 2018
    4.   Best Deluxe 14/15 Days Hajj Packages Cost Per Person From India 2018
    5.   20 Days Luxury Hajj Packages From Delhi 2018 + Vip Camps+ Visa Cost
    6.   Hajj Packages From Mumbai 2018 (Lowest Price Shifting + 27 Days Tours)


Ramdan Packages

Ramadan is a holy month of fasting, introspection and prayer for Muslims, the followers
of Islam. Fasting is one of the five fundamental principles of Islam. Each day during Ramadan,
Muslims do not eat or drink from sunrise to sunset. They are also supposed to avoid impure thoughts
and bad behavior

    1.   Full Ramzan with Eid Package.
    2.   Full Ramadan Umrah Tour Packages 2018
    3.   First Ramdan Package for 15 days
    5.   Shaaban with Ramazan Package from All India
    6.   Mid Ramdan Package for 20 days


Umrah Packages

It Is Obligatory at least once in a lifetime as found in this Hadeeth Ibn Umar
(May Allah be pleased with them) reported: The Messenger of Allah ( )said, Islam is based on
five (pillars), testifying the fact that La ilaha illallah wa anna Muhammad-ar-Rasul-ullah
[there is no true god except Allah, and Muhammad (( ))is the Messenger of Allah],
establishing As- Salat, paying Zakat, the pilgrimage to the House, and the Saum (fasting)
during the month of Ramadan." [Al-Bukhari and Muslim].

    1.   Cheap Umrah Package Including Flights + 14 Night/ 15 Days Tour:
          7 Night Stay in Makkah and 7 Night Stay in Medina
    2.   Express Umrah Package 14 Night/ 15 Days Tour: 7 Night Stay in Makkah
          and 7 Night Stay in Medina
    3.   Super cheapest Umrah Package 14 Night/ 15 Days Tour: 7 Night Stay in
          Makkah and 7 Night Stay in Medina
    4.   Corporate 5 Star Umrah Package 5 Days / 4 Nights Tour: 2 Nights Stay in
          Makkah and 2 Nights Stay in Medina
    5.   Corporate 5 Star Cheapest umrah tour package from mumbai 2018
    6.   Cheap Umrah Package Including Flights + 14 Night/ 15 Days Tour: 7
          Night Stay in Makkah and 7 Night Stay in Medina


Epilgrim helps you,
to open the doors.

Hajj is one of the Five Pillars of Sunni Islam and one of the ten
Branches of Religion in Shi'a Islam and mainly an Islamic obligation for all Muslims.

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What people say about us


"We had planned for this sacred pilgrimage many-a-times but could not proceed
by having a look that every company is offering. Surprisingly, by the blessings of
Allah, I selected this company of epilgrim.in and would prefer everyone to avail this
company to have a sacred Hajj Travel and success"- Ron MD. IMAAD UDEEN (JAMMU & KASHMIR)


"I will be every thankful to this company of epilgrim.in as it turned my entire
family into a perfect Muslim family as per our Quran, by making us reach our goal and
performing all the duties in a comfortable way, through their services" - MD. ABDUL-MUHAIMIN(KERALA)


" I had lost my total hope that, I would every travel to Mecca to visit and become a
Hajji. At last, Allah showered his blessings on me and I got to know of this company of
epilgrim.in. They provided all the services being mentioned and made my life a success as
a perfect Muslim" - Ariba Lari (UTTAR PRADESH)