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About Us

As-Salaam-Waleykum. We are a team of leading ,young and energetic business back grounded scholars, specialized in offering Hajj travelling packages for pilgrims, who are seeking to blessings of Allah and thanking Him for giving us this life and Godsend. We look forward to providing exceptionally comfortable service to Allah's guests on the Holy Land. So, we are here to make you have this Sacred and meticulous pilgrimage. Since our inception, every year we have enabled thousands of pilgrims to successfully fulfill their promise to Allah. With a team of experts, we always consider the satisfaction of customers a primary factor, we not only fulfill the traveling needs but we also guide the customers, what suits them the best.

We set the platform for the pilgrims apart from other travelling services which allow you to communicate with us throughout your entire project. You can ask and answer questions, ask for revisions and give any feedback too. By analyzing the taste, requirements and occasion-style, our team members work in well accordance with the pilgrims to provide them efficient service solutions.

Over three million Muslims visit the city during the month of Dhu'l-Hijjah yearly. Visits outside this month are known as minor pilgrimages or Umrah, which are not compulsory but are strongly encouraged.

Hajj is one of the Five Pillars of Sunni Islam and one of the ten Branches of Religion in Shi'a Islam and mainly an Islamic obligation for all Muslims, with the physical and financial ability to make it. Also, it’s a deed from our beloved Prophet Muhammad, spiritual center of Islam. Quran Says “Obey Allah and Obey the Messenger” now it’s our duty to obey as per the Quran verse and according to Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad. So, we here lead you there in a meticulous manner by providing these services too:

  • Md. Imaad Udeen (Jammu & Kashmir)

    "We had planned for this sacred pilgrimage many-a-times but couldn’t proceed by having a look that every company is offering. Surprisingly, by the blessings of Allah, I selected this company of epilgrim.in and would prefer everyone to avail this company to have a sacred Hajj Travel and success"

  • Md. Abdul-Muhaimin(Kerala)

    "I will be every thankful to this company of epilgrim.in as it turned my entire family into a perfect Muslim family as per our Quran, by making us reach our goal and performing all the duties in a comfortable way, through their services"

  • Md. Ashraf-Shakoor (Uttar Pradesh)

    "I had lost my total hope that, I would every travel to Mecca to visit and become a Hajji. At last, Allah showered his blessings on me and I got to know of this company of epilgrim.in. They provided all the services being mentioned and made my life a success as a perfect Muslim"

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